Allied Health Sciences Major in Waterbury

First-year students beginning classes in Fall 2020 now have the option of completing all Allied Health Sciences graduation and major requirements on the Waterbury campus! See UConn Today article with this exciting announcement.

A B.S. in Allied Health Sciences (AHS) prepares students for immediate employment in a variety of health fields including case management/patient care coordination, health education, medical billing and account management, health marketing and sales, laboratory research, and health insurance administration. AHS graduates are also prepared for admission to graduate and/or professional schools and programs that require a bachelor's degree (e.g. medical school, dental school, physician assistant, physical therapy, public health, health promotion sciences, etc.). At the Waterbury campus, students choose from the Standard Plan or the Health Sciences Concentration. Both tracks allow students to tailor their plan of study to specific goals and professional interests.

In addition to offering Allied Health courses, we partner with UConn alumni and the Waterbury healthcare community to provide experiential education and networking opportunities for students. Allied Health students work closely with a faculty advisor to tailor both the academic plan of study and community experiences that meet their career goals.

For more information about the AHS major at UConn’s Waterbury campus, contact Tamara Kaliszewski, Assistant Professor-in-Residence in Allied Health Sciences, Waterbury campus:

AHS Standard Plan

This plan is designed for students who seek a broad training in Allied Health Sciences in preparation for general health careers or graduate and professional programs. The plan is purposefully flexible so that you can tailor your plan of study to meet your career goals. Coursework includes a range of healthcare topics from social/behavioral to human sciences. Students who choose the Standard Plan will be well positioned to apply to a range of post-baccalaureate, credentialing and/or certificate programs including (but not limited to): Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing (leading to Advanced Nurse Practitioner programs), Orthotics and Prosthetics.

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Concentration in Health Sciences (HESCI)

Students with an interest in health specialties that involve laboratory or diagnostic procedures or who are looking to pursue allied health fields that require a strong health science and pathology background should consider this concentration. Coursework focuses on the health sciences including immunology, genetics, human anatomy and physiology, infectious diseases, etc. and is designed to prepare you for employment in research positions and/or to seek admission to post-baccalaureate programs including (but not limited to) Medical, Dental, or Optometry school; Pathology Assistant; Pharmacy; Master's in Public Health or Epidemiology; or post-baccalaureate certificate programs like those the Department offers in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences or Medical Laboratory Sciences.

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