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Learning about Undergraduate Majors in Allied Health Sciences

Interested in finding out more about majoring in Allied Health Sciences or one of our professional programs? Please watch our information video and see if AHS is right for you!


Allied Health Sciences Major

Prospective students: Please watch our information video to learn more about majors in the Department of Allied Health Sciences. Questions related to admission to the university should be directed to the University Admissions Office.

Current UConn students: Students are asked to watch our information video if you are considering applying to the Undergraduate Allied Health Sciences Major. If you would also like to meet with an AHS advisor, you are asked to please watch the information video before scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor. This will make your advising session much more productive as you will have already had an opportunity to learn about the major and formulate questions.

Professional Programs (Dietetics, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences)

Please contact the appropriate program director with any questions regarding their programs and/or admission.

What can I expect to learn by watching the AHS video?

The AHS information video is for prospective students interested in declaring one of the majors available within the Department. Please plan to watch the information video before meeting with an academic advisor so that your advising appointment can be productive and address your individual questions and concerns.

In general, you can expect the information video to include:

  • Overview of allied health as a career path
  • Discussion of the majors available within the Department (Allied Health Sciences, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences, Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  • Admissions requirements for each major
  • Discussion of the Allied Health Sciences major as a career path and/or preparation for advanced programs in health professions (MD, DENT, PA, PT, OT, etc.)
  • Time for Q&A