Judy Brown, PhD

Associate Professor in Residence
Director, PSM in Health Care Genetics Program

Associate Director, Genetic Counseling Master's Degree Program

Koons Hall, Room 222

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Dr. Judy Brown, an Associate Professor in Residence in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, is a certified clinical laboratory specialist in both cytogenetics and molecular biology with a PhD in Genetics and Genomics. As Director of the UConn Chromosome Core, a division of the Center for Genome Innovation, she receives grant funding to examine the genome integrity of human-induced pluripotent stem cells created to mimic diseases such as autism, Angelman syndrome, and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Brown provides training and expertise on diverse collaborative projects to expand grant-funded efforts in the growing field of chromosome biology and has a special passion for examining how retroelements contribute to chromosome instability in multiple species. Recognizing a need for individuals with advanced training in genome-based technologies and clinical genetics, she developed and serves as Director for the innovative Health Care Genetics Professional Science Master's Degree Program, co-sponsored by the Institute for Systems Genomics. Because the interpretation and translation of genetics and genomics requires trained genetic counselors and because Connecticut has a shortage of trained genetic counseling professionals, Dr. Brown has also recently acquired grant funding for the development of Connecticut's first Genetic Counseling Master's Degree Program. Her training, genetic service cases, extensive network of training sites for genomic sciences, and varied research provide plentiful material for lively discussions in her graduate ethical considerations course.