Allied Health Sciences Major Requirements

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Welcome to Allied Health Sciences Orientation!

We look forward to welcoming you to your new academic home. The Allied Health Sciences (AHS) major is in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR).  Here you will find information and resources on how to prepare for your AHS advising meeting. You can find College orientation information at the CAHNR Orientation website.

In addition to information on this page specific to AHS orientation advising, students will attend an orientation program specific to their campus of admission. Please access the links below for orientation information specific to your campus.

How do I schedule my AHS advising orientation session?

Once you have confirmed your admission to UConn and the AHS major, Orientation Services will email you to schedule your orientation session. This email will provide instructions on many things, including how to make your advising appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, your name and session date will automatically be sent to our Advising Center.

What will we cover at my AHS advising orientation session?

During your AHS advising meeting, you will meet with your AHS academic advisor. This advisor will be available to you the day of your advising appointment and throughout the summer (by email) for your advising needs. In your AHS advising meeting, you will:

  1. review information, the advisor knows about you (AP, ECE, MPE, CPE, FYW, etc.)
  2. register for courses for the upcoming semester. Please note that we cannot guarantee days/times of courses. Please communicate any concerns that may impact your scheduling (e.g. work schedule, athletic schedules, etc.). While we will try to accommodate your requests, please note that may not always be possible.

During this meeting, the advisor can also answer any questions you may have about your major, pre-professional programs or other academic questions you may have.

What should I do to prepare for my advising orientation session?

  1. If you have not done so already, confirm your admission with the University Admissions Office. You won’t receive information about orientation until you have confirmed your admission.
  2. Once admission is confirmed, Orientation Services will email you with information about orientation and how to register for an advising session. You may contact them with any questions you have regarding orientation and scheduling your advising session. Please note: Orientation is mandatory.
  3. Review the Undergraduate Orientation Student Task List. This site provides valuable information and important deadline dates to ensure your smooth transition to UConn.
  4. Take the Placement Assessment exams (listed below) at least 5-7 days prior to your advising session. This will allow time for your scores to be posted and reviewed by your advisor prior to your AHS advising session.
  5. Holds to registration: There are several holds which may be placed that will restrict your ability to register for classes. Please be sure all holds that will affect your registration have been lifted at least 3 days prior to your advising session.
  6. Watch the AHS Orientation welcome video. This is a mandatory request and provides key information you will need to know for your advising session.
  7. Review the AHS major and plans of study to familiarize yourself with the course requirements by concentration within the major.
  8. While the advisor will have access to AP and Early College Experience (ECE) courses and scores, not all may be available at your advising session. Your advisor will review test scores they have but be prepared to confirm and/or provide missing information.
  9. Transcripts:
    1. First Year Students: If you took courses at a Community College while in High School, please make sure the official transcript is sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
    2. Transfer Students: Please make sure your official transcripts from all previous institutions are sent to UConn as soon as possible to avoid any enrollment issues. Questions regarding Transfer credits must be directed to the Office of Transfer Admissions. A week before Orientation, review your Transfer Credit Report. If the report has notes of people to contact for a course review, please follow those directions as soon as possible. This is important if you need this course as a pre-requisite during registration.

Important information and links:First slide of Orientation Welcome video

Watch the AHS Orientation Welcome VideoThis video presentation is mandatory and must be viewed prior to your orientation session. It provides key information about advising, the major and your orientation session.  


Placement Exam Links:

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