Undergraduate Professional Programs - Supplemental Admissions

Our undergraduate professional programs are only open to juniors and seniors and are competitive with limited enrollment. Admission to UConn or to the Allied Health Sciences major does not guarantee admission to a professional program, and you will be required to follow our supplemental application and admission process. You'll apply by February 1 of your sophomore year to begin the following fall. Each program has specific prerequisite course and application requirements, so please consult program-specific pages for the most up-to-date information and to access current application forms.

brightly colored DNA strand - Diagnostic Genetic Sciences undergraduate professional program
brightly colored array of healthy food - Dietetics undergraduate professional program
laboratory scientist works with samples in the lab - Medical Laboratory Sciences undergraduate professional program

Common Questions

What should I do as an incoming freshman?

If you are an incoming freshman and you plan to apply to one of our professional programs, we highly recommend that you declare an Allied Health Sciences major upon admission to UConn. This way, you'll be assigned to an AHS academic advisor who will help ensure you meet any professional program prerequisites. In addition, you can take advantage of our Guaranteed Admission criteria for admission to your desired professional program.

Guaranteed Admission

Although you cannot apply directly into a professional program as a freshman, we provide guaranteed admission offers so that you can focus on your prerequisite coursework and receive direct admission to your professional program of choice your junior year. To take advantage of guaranteed admission, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Enter UConn as a freshman
  2. Apply to chosen professional program within two years of freshman admission
  3. Complete three successive semesters of full-time study of required UConn coursework
  4. Maintain overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for Dietetics and Medical Laboratory Sciences or 3.2 or higher for Diagnostic Genetic Sciences
  5. Meet all professional program admission requirements and submit program application by the deadline

I’m a transfer or re-admission student.

If you are a junior or senior transfer or re-admission student and you plan to apply to one of our professional programs, you may do so directly if you meet all program prerequisites. You will be required to submit both your transfer application or re-admission application to UConn and the appropriate professional program application to the Department of Allied Health Sciences. Both applications must be submitted by February 1 in order to be considered, and you must be admitted or re-admitted to the University before you can be accepted into an Allied Health Sciences professional program.

If you do not meet program prerequisites at the time of your transfer or re-admission to UConn, you may declare an Allied Health Sciences major or another major and then apply into the professional program after meeting all program requirements.

I’m a prospective international student.

If you're an international student interested in majoring in one of our professional programs, you'll follow UConn's international admissions procedures and work with International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) to coordinate your admission and any necessary visas. Once admitted to the University, you'll follow the same procedures for applying into a professional program as domestic students.

Have other questions? Please contact your academic advisor (current AHS students), the AHS Main Office, or the appropriate program director (see below).


Meet Our Program Directors

Diagnostic Genetic Sciences
Denise Anamani, MA, I(ASCP) MBCM
Lecturer & Director, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences

Koons Hall, Room 214
(860) 486-0999



Dietetics Programs
Ellen Shanley, MBA, RD, CDN
Lecturer & Director, Dietetics

Koons Hall, Room 314
(860) 486-0016



Bruce Blanchard headshotMedical Laboratory Sciences
Bruce Blanchard, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor & Director, Medical Laboratory Sciences

Koons Hall, Room 214
(860) 486-0007