Dietetics Program Clinical Rotations

Whether you enroll in the Undergraduate or Graduate Coordinated Program, you will spend a great deal of time completing supervised practice hours at assigned clinical sites. With the exception of your two-week specialty rotation site, all site placements are made by your program director. Placement at clinical rotation sites is dependent upon space availability, so you may not be placed at your first choice. However, all students are guaranteed placement at a site as long as they meet all academic standards, background and drug screening requirements, and health/immunization compliance requirements.

Important Clinical Compliance Information

You are required to complete a series of clinical rotations in order to successfully complete your Dietetics program. Depending on your clinical placement, you may be required to pass a background screening, pass a multi-panel drug screening, and demonstrate proof of immunity to multiple diseases. If you are not able to meet these requirements, you will most likely not be able to complete the program’s supervised practice requirements. The financial costs of meeting these requirements are generally your responsibility. If you have any questions regarding background checks or drug screenings, you can contact UConn’s Clinical Case Manager at See menu to the right for key forms and checklists.

Preparing for Clinicals