Allied Health Sciences Major

An undergraduate degree in Allied Health Sciences prepares you for immediate employment in a variety of health fields including case management/patient care coordination, health education, medical billing and account management, health marketing and sales, laboratory research, health insurance administration, and more. Your degree will also prepare you for admission to graduate and/or professional schools and programs that require a bachelor's degree, such as medical school, dental school, physician assistant, physical therapy, public health, health promotion sciences, etc.

Your assigned academic advisor will work with you to develop a plan of study that includes university general education requirements and coursework covering a broad range of health and health care topics that also fulfill graduate health program admission requirements. Specific requirements will vary based on your intended concentration and career path. Courses are available in a broad range of health and health care topics or disciplines.

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Standard Plan & Concentrations

AHS Standard Plan

This plan is designed for students who seek a broad training in Allied Health Sciences in preparation for general health careers or graduate and professional programs. The plan is flexible so that you can tailor your plan of study to meet your career goals. Many students in this plan are pursuing the following graduate programs: physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, accelerated bachelors of nursing

Major Requirements Major Admissions & Application

Concentration in Health Sciences (HESCI)

Students with an interest in health specialties that involve laboratory or diagnostic procedures or who are looking to pursue health fields that require a strong health science and pathology background should consider this concentration. Many students in this plan are pursuing the following: medical school, dental school, optometry; pathology assistant; or pharmacy.

Concentration in Healthcare Administration (HADM)

This may be the concentration for you if you're considering an administrative or managerial career in settings like hospitals, clinics, government planning and regulatory agencies, health maintenance organizations, hospital associations, consulting firms, computer vendors, health insurance companies, hospital equipment and supplies manufacturers, etc. This concentration is for students seeking employment or admission into graduate programs in public health, health administration, health insurance studies, corporate health, health policy and law, etc.

Concentration in Public Health & Health Promotion (PHHP)

If you're interested in working in social service agencies, worksite health promotion programs, government health agencies, hospital wellness programs, or business/industry/educational settings that emphasize health and health promotion to minimize the risk and impacts of disease, you may wish to consider this concentration. This concentration is designed to prepare you for positions in public health, health education, and counseling fields as well as for admission to graduate programs including the Department's Master's in Health Promotion Sciences, Master's in Public Health, gerontology, health education, health psychology, healthcare administration, or healthcare policy.

Concentration in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)

Students interested in occupational and environmental health and safety or applying marketable skills in a broad range of work environments such as manufacturing, construction, health care, public health, research and development, and academia among many others, should consider this concentration. Coursework includes related topics that prepare OEHS specialists to identify workplace hazards and develop strategies to reduce or prevent accidents, injuries, and illness. They promote health and safety within organizations by developing and implementing safer and healthier workplace policies and practices. The concentration provides a foundation for professional certification in individual disciplines such as occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics.