Rodney Allen, MS, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor


Dr. Allen has over 25 years of experience managing safety and health programs and was employed in this capacity for 15 years by General Dynamics Corporation. During his tenure at General Dynamics, he was responsible for industrial safety, health, and training programs at three divisions, including Connecticut-based Electric Boat. Dr. Allen has extensive experience in the development and administration of programs in disease and injury prevention, and health promotion in diverse occupational settings and has served as a consultant to numerous businesses and the insurance industry. Since 1980, he has taught a broad spectrum of courses in health promotion and injury and illness prevention at universities in Illinois and Connecticut.

Dr. Allen spent many years in the United States Army, and Army Reserve Special Operations Command, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs. He has developed extensive knowledge, from both an academic and practitioner’s perspective, of the issues surrounding humanitarian emergencies and their prevention and amelioration.

Dr. Allen’s Master’s and Ph.D. are in Health Education from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. His undergraduate degree is in Government and Economics.


  • AH 3570 Health and Safety Management in the Workplace
  • AH 3573 Health and Safety Standards in the Workplace
  • GPAH 5503 Poverty and Public Health
  • GPAH 5502 Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Seminar
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