Honors in Allied Health Sciences

The Honors Program in Allied Health Sciences is an engaged community comprised of Honors students, Honors Core Academic Advisors, and Honors Research Advisors. All honors members in the Department promote and support a community of Honors scholarship, enrichment, involvement, leadership, and diversity within AHS.

Our community approach takes advantage of the rich resources available through AHS faculty, follows an interdisciplinary health model, and allows for individualized advising in an effort to promote academic and research excellence. Our students graduate prepared for advanced graduate or medical school training and/or immediate entry into the workforce.

AHS Honors students are valued members of the Department who benefit from their opportunities to work with and learn from faculty experts in a wide range of health and health promotion fields.

The AHS Honors program seeks to promote academic and research excellence and honors within Allied Health Sciences, support students involved in honors, encourage an interest in honors among prospective students, and build a community of intellectually engaged students and faculty. As a member of the UConn Honors Program, students will actively participate in academics and co-curricular activities. Students will comply with the UConn Honors Program requirements according to their year of entry into UConn. The Department of Allied Health Sciences has additional requirements for students who want to complete Honors requirements.

Honors Students are expected to demonstrate the following:

  • self-initiative
  • independence
  • awareness of academic and professional responsibilities with the UConn Honors Program
  • collegiality and respect for others
  • openness to and growth and change in responsiveness to feedback
  • awareness of and compliance with deadlines
  • adequate and appropriate preparation for class, lab, research, and interviews
  • routine and recurrent communication with Honors academic advisors about achievements or challenges in academics and research
  • early, repeated, and documented investigation of academic, research, outreach, leadership, mentor, and career options and opportunities using UConn and other provided resources
  • engagement in the major as agreed upon by the student and Honors academic advisor
  • adherence to all federal, state, University, Department, and programmatic regulations and guidelines for confidentiality and safety 

Requirements of Honor students:

  • Participate in regularly scheduled advising appointments
  • Include and successfully complete the following courses in the AHS Honors Plan of Study:
    • AH 4239 & 4240W Honors sections (3 credits total) – Research Methods in Allied Health / Writing for Allied Health Research.
    • AH 4289 – Honors Research in Allied Health Sciences (courses in other departments may be substituted with prior approval from the AHS Honors Core Advising Committee). A minimum total of 3 credits.
    • AH 4297W – Honors Thesis in Allied Health Sciences (3 credits total) (courses in other departments may be substituted with prior approval from the AHS Honors Core Advising Committee)
    • A total of 15 honors credits of 2000 level or higher
      • Minimum of 9 credits within the department (AH, DGS, MLS, DIET)
      • Courses can be listed as honors, honors conversions, or at the graduate level
    • Additional degree:
      • Additional degree students may overlap the thesis/research requirements between majors but will require additional honors courses. The thesis credits may not overlap between majors when counting towards the 15 honors credits of 2000 level or higher
  • Submit Honors Research Draft for approval to your advisor for AHS Honors Core Advising Committee review by end of fourth week of spring semester of the junior year (year prior to anticipated graduation). Professional program deadlines vary.
  • Submit Honors Research Plan for approval to your advisor for the AHS Honors Core Advising Committee review by the end of the 4th week fall semester senior year. Professional program deadlines vary.
  • Participate in a minimum of 20 hours of co-curricular Engagement in the Major activities related to a career in health. Seniors will present their research in an AHS Honors Forum and participation is required for all honors students. Submit Engagement in the Major form by the end of the fourth week of their final semester.

All Honors Forms can be found in the HuskyCT Organization: Allied Health Sciences: Honors

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