Allied Health Sciences Major Admissions & Application

Are you a current UConn student (any campus) who was not admitted to the University as an Allied Health Sciences major? You can still apply through the competitive internal admissions process. You will have the option of applying under the Standard Plan or applying directly to one of our concentration areas. Applications are due by the 10th day of each semester. Enrollment is limited.

Once admitted, you'll be assigned an academic advisor within the Department who will help you plan your course schedule. If you are admitted under the Standard Plan, you'll have the option to declare a concentration. As a junior or senior, you'll have the opportunity to apply to one of our Professional Programs through the supplemental admissions process.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Allied Health Sciences major is competitive. The following requirements must be met at the time of application to be considered. In progress courses do not fulfill the requirements.

  1. Be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and not on academic probation or eligible for dismissal.
  2. Completion of the following courses (no substitutions):
    1. CHEM 1000-level with lab (transfer chemistry course must be equivalent to a UConn chemistry with lab)
    2. BIOL 1107 (preferred) or 1108
    3. STAT 1000Q or STAT 1100Q, or MATH 1060Q or higher (math requirement varies with concentration)

Factors considered with application include but are not limited to successful completion of science and math courses, progress through undergrad career, advanced coursework taken, and personal statement. Students may need additional semesters to complete requirements depending on how coursework meets program requirements and course availability at the time of registration.
Concentrations can be declared at time of application or after admission into the major. Please refer to concentration declaration requirements for details.

Application Instructions

Fall 2024: application available from Monday Aug. 26th through Monday Sept. 9th at 11:59pm.

Deadline: 10th day of classes each Fall and Spring semester. Late applications are not accepted.

Complete the online application and upload all required components (listed below):

  1. Unofficial UConn transcript from Student Admin (PDF upload)
  2. Personal Statement (typed/pasted directly into the application) - 500-word (maximum) statement. Include relevant information pertaining to your interest in the AHS Major, and any healthcare, community, and/or lived experiences that have shaped or impacted you. Note that you are not required to have prior experience or healthcare certifications to apply.
  3. Double Major/Additional Degree form if applicable (PDF upload)
  4. Unofficial or official transcript(s) from any non-UConn institution(s) from which you have transferred Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Statistics coursework. (PDF upload)

All application materials become the confidential property of the Department of Allied Health Sciences and cannot be forwarded to others or returned to you after submission. Please keep copies of application materials for your own records as needed/where possible.

Concentration Declaration:

To petition into an optional concentration in Health Sciences, Healthcare Administration, Public Health and Health Promotion, or Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or higher (i.e. not on probation or eligible for dismissal)
  • Career goals consistent with the goals of the concentration
  • Prerequisite Math & Science courses completed.
    • CHEM 1122, CHEM 1124Q, or CHEM 1127Q
    • BIOL 1107 (preferred) or BIOL 1108
    • MATH 1060Q or higher - OR - STAT 1000Q (math requirement varies with concentration so please check before completing)
  • Concentration in Healthcare Administration also includes the following requirements:
    • Minimum GPA 3.0 or higher
    • ECON 1201 or ECON 1202
    • MATH 1070Q, MATH 1071Q, or MATH 1131Q

Course requirements vary by concentration. Adding, removing, or changing a concentration will impact meeting the major requirements. Students are advised to meet with their academic advisor to determine appropriateness of making concentration changes.

Students who wish to change their concentration within a major can do so using the CAHNR Concentration Change Form.


I’m seeking to be re-admitted to UConn as an AHS major.

If you're seeking re-admission to UConn, you must meet the University's re-admission requirements and be approved by the Dean of Students Office. You'll be evaluated according to the requirements for continuing students and re-admission to the AHS major is not guaranteed.