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Academic Advising Center

The faculty and staff advisors in our Advising Center equip undergraduates to make informed decisions about their education and health career goals. Once you are admitted to an Allied Health Sciences undergraduate program, you'll be assigned an advisor who will:

  • Assist you in meeting University, Department, and major requirements and admission requirements for our professional programs (remember, however, that it is your responsibility to make sure that you meet all requirements for graduation)
  • Mentor you to help meet your professional health career goals
  • Help you explore health careers to identify your goals, interests, strengths, and abilities

FAQs for Prospective Students

Is a career in an allied health field right for me?

Allied Health practitioners are health professionals who provide health services in a variety of settings from hospitals and doctor's offices to community health organizations, clinical laboratory facilities, and research laboratories. Six out of ten health professionals are in an allied health field, and allied health professionals are an integral part of the overall healthcare team. Selecting a major in the Department of Allied Health Sciences may be for you if:

  • You're interested in pursuing a health career but are unsure of your exact career path. By declaring an Allied Health Sciences major, you'll be assigned a departmental advisor who will help you explore career options and decide on the best path for you. This may involve selecting from one of our four concentration areas or staying with the more flexible standard plan.
  • You're planning to apply for one of our professional programs in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences, Dietetics, or Medical Laboratory Sciences for your junior and senior years. Though not required, declaring an Allied Health Sciences major means that you will be assigned to one of our academic advisors who will help ensure that you meet all prerequisite course requirements for the professional program of your choice. However, remember that admission to a professional program is not guaranteed with admission to the Allied Health Sciences major.
  • You have an interest in graduate-level health programs including medical and dental schools or physician assistant, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or public health programs. This also includes Master's- and doctoral-level research-focused programs like UConn's Master's and PhD in Health Promotion Sciences.

Learn more about Careers in Allied Health

Can I apply to a major in the Department of Allied Health Sciences and still graduate on time?

When you apply into a new major, not all previously completed coursework may apply to the new major. The later in your academic career you apply, the less likely you are to be able to meet program requirements and graduate "on time."  A student who applies and is admitted to a major in the Department as a junior or senior may require an additional semester or two to complete all program requirements. You may be able to use summer sessions to get back "on track." However, we do not recommend utilizing excess credit to catch up on requirements as over-extending yourself during an academic semester can result in lower grades and make you less competitive for graduate school applications or employment opportunities. You should discuss your plan of study and any concerns you have with your academic advisor as early as possible.

How do I declare a major in the Department of Allied Health Sciences?

The process of declaring an Allied Health Sciences major or optional concentration varies depending on your student status. Visit our undergraduate admissions page for detailed information about declaring a major, changing your major, or applying into an optional concentration.

If you're interested in applying for one of our professional programs in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences, Dietetics, or Medical Laboratory Sciences, please visit our supplemental professional programs admissions page for details about that process.

Can I meet with an advisor?

Please watch the Information Video first. Then students can request an advising appointment by emailing or signing up in nexus for a non-advisee appointment with the Allied Health Advising Center. Note: During peak advising periods, our advisors may not be available to meet with prospective students.

FAQs For Current Students

How do I declare a concentration?

The process of declaring a concentration can be found on the AHS Major Admissions page:

How do I find my advisor?

If you are a current UConn student, you can find your advisor's name and contact information by logging into your Student Admin account and navigating to the Student Center > My Academics.

How do I make an advising appointment?

Making an Advising Appointment:

  • Prior to making an advising appointment, evaluate whether your question can be quickly answered by emailing your advisor or our general advising email at to expedite a response.
  • Students have the option to schedule a meeting in-person or virtually.
  • Drop-in hours are suspended for the remainder of the semester.
  • NEXUS appointmentsStudents are asked to make advising appointments in NEXUS. Students will have the option to designate their meeting as in-person or virtual; virtual meetings will take place via UConn WebEx. You will need access to a computer and/or reliable internet (i.e. cell phone) for your virtual advising appointment. If you do not have access to a computer or reliable internet, please email the Advising Center at to discuss alternate options.

IMPORTANTPlease choose the following option that fits your situation when making your NEXUS appointment. Note that appointments will be available for either in-person or virtual meetings. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH FORMAT YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR! Missed appointments for not understanding your scheduled format will need to be rescheduled.

  1. Advisee Appointment: Allied Health Sciences majors are asked to make advising appointments with their assigned academic advisor. The appointment link to meet with your assigned advisor has not changed. If you access the NEXUS system (i.e. if you do not use your advisor’s unique link), you will be directed to “Schedule appointment > search by name> choose your advisor." Then choose Advisee Appointment when scheduling an in-person or virtual appointment. These appointments are accessible only to assigned advisees.
  2. Non-Advisee Appointment: Prospective students or students meeting with an advisor they are not assigned to are asked to make a Non-Advisee Appointment. Select “Non-Advisee Appointment”. The system will provide you with a list of available in-person or virtual appointments by day, time, and advisor.
  3. Virtual Only Appointments: Advisors will be offering virtual appointments when they are not physically on campus. This option will only allow you to make virtual appointments.

Note regarding virtual appointments: The confirmation email contains the WebEx link for the appointment. Please aim to arrive to the WebEx digital “lobby” a few minutes early in case you experience technical difficulties. At the time of your appointment, your advisor will admit you to the WebEx room. If you are more than 10 minutes late to the appointment, you will be required to reschedule via NEXUS.

Note regarding in-person appointments: Students entering the Advising Center are requested (but not mandated) to wear a mask in the waiting area. However, students may be asked to wear a mask when entering some individual offices. Your advisor will let you know if wearing a mask is requested. Therefore, please be sure you arrive with a mask. For your safety, other visitors, and Center advisors, we appreciate your consideration of this request.

Do you have advice about applying to graduate school?

Admission to graduate professional health programs is highly competitive, and admission criteria varies considerably between disciplines and even among programs. Visit our Applying to Graduate Health Programs page for more information.

How to contact us!


Phone: 860-486-0014

Hours and Location:

9am-4:30pm Mon-Fri when UConn classes are in session

Koons Hall, room 100

Appointments (in-person or virtual) can be made through Nexus and are highly encouraged.

Non-advisee appointments are available during non-peak registration time.

Drop-ins may be accommodated based on advisor availability.

Meet Our Advisors

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson, EdD
Director, Allied Health Sciences Major
Director, Allied Health Sciences Advising Center

Paul Bureau

Paul Bureau, MS, CIH
Lecturer & Academic Advisor
Director, Occupational Health & Safety Online Certificate Program

Cheryl Ordway Eckert

Cheryl Ordway, MS
Lecturer & Academic Advisor

Tamara Kaliszewski

Tamara Kaliszewski, MSHS, PA
Lecturer & Academic Advisor
Waterbury Campus

Paula Kalksma McDowell

Paula Kalksma McDowell, MS, CHES
Lecturer and Academic Advisor
Koons 100G

Amy McKeon

Amy McKeon, MA
Academic Advisor

Anna Ramos

Anna Ramos, MS, RD, CDN
Lecturer & Academic Advisor

Janet Rochester

Janet Rochester, MS
Lecturer & Academic Advisor
Director, Hawley Armory Fitness Programs