Undergraduate Majors in the Department of Allied Health Sciences

The Department of Allied Health Sciences offers four options for undergraduate students wishing to prepare for careers in allied health fields. The Allied Health Sciences major is open to students from their freshman year onward, subject to admissions criteria. We also offer three undergraduate professional programs, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences, Dietetics, and Medical Laboratory Sciences, that are open to juniors and seniors and require a supplemental application and admissions process. If you are interested in pursuing a major in one of our professional programs, we encourage you to first declare an Allied Health Sciences major so that you will be advised by one of our academic advisors who will assist you in meeting admission prerequisites.

Undergraduate Allied Health Sciences Major & Concentrations

The Allied Health Sciences major is available to incoming freshman and transfer students who meet admission criteria and to current students through a competitive admissions process. Majors can opt for the Standard Plan (most flexible) or select from four concentrations. Each plan has specific course requirements, so please consult with your academic advisor to be sure your course selections will fulfill the requirements of your desired concentration.

AHS Major Standard Plan - a group of diverse medical students working together at a table with laptops and charts
public health professional presenting to community group discussing prevention - AHS Concentration in Public Health & Health Promotion
Laboratory professional working with samples under a microscope - Concentration in Health Sciences
construction hard hat, safety goggles, and safety glasses overlaid on construction site - AHS Concentration in Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety
stethoscope, calculator, healthcare reports - AHS Concentration in Healthcare Administration

Undergraduate Professional Programs

Our professional programs are open to juniors and seniors through a competitive supplemental admissions process that typically takes place in February of your sophomore year. If you are a freshman or sophomore and plan to apply to a professional program, we highly recommend that you declare an Allied Health Sciences major so that you can be advised within the Department and ensure that all prerequisites are met for your desired professional program.

colorful DNA strand - Diagnostic Genetic Sciences undergraduate professional program
colorful array of healthful foods - Dietetics undergraduate professional program
scientist working in a laboratory testing samples - Medical Laboratory Sciences undergraduate professional program